The legend continues — Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant & Stephen Curry

Kevin Durant—four-time scoring champion, and MVP of 2013-2014.

Stephen Curry—one-time scoring champion, and two-time MVP of 2014-2015 and 2015-2016.

Kevin Durant & Stephen Curry
Kevin Durant & Stephen Curry

On June 4th, 2016, Kevin Durant decided to join the Golden State Warriors, and it shocked the world! KD was going to dress in Golden State Warriors Jerseys, and it is really a nightmare for the fans of OKC Thunders. They could never image KD would leave the city in this way. Some fans burnt Kevin Durant Jersey and uploaded them to social medium, just like what fans did when King James made his decision in 2010.

As the NBA All-Star Game is approaching, As the  leading vote-getter and captain of the West, Incredible 3-pointer, Logo shot seem to be Steven Curry’s trademark. Basketball is a special activity and artistic behavior, and Stephen bring it to a whole new level. 402 three-pointers a season, Stephen create a new NBA record, which also makes Stephen Curry Jersey the top-selling amount all Wholesale NBA Jerseys of 2015-2016.

Golden State Warriors Wholesale NBA Jerseys

Stephen Curry jersey
Stephen Curry jersey

The join of KD will ruin the chemistry of the champion team or lead it to another level. At the very beginning of the season, nobody knows what’s gonna happen with two dominant most valuable players in the same team during their peak period. Surrounded by thousands of audiences in Golden State Warriors Jerseys, they silence all the doubts when they beat Cavaliers in 5 games, winning the NBA title of 2016-2017 at home. And KD’s stable performance, game-winning shot in the last game made him the FMVP.

And everybody predicts it maybe just a begging of a new legend. With the help of top shooter — Klay Thompson, one of the most best defender — Draymond Green, Warriors also got some talented new blood — McCaw and Jordan Bell. Everything is possible if the team keep healthy. And the NBA All-Star Game is coming, putting on Kevin Durant Jersey and Stephen Curry Jersey, enjoy the show and cheer up for these guys. We all know we just witness a new age, and we are part of it.

New England Patriots, Showing A Shaking Reversal

New England Patriots Jerseys

The news about New England Patriots lately was Patriots showed a shaking reversal again to get into the Super Bowl. We never forget the spectacular scene that fans wore New England Patriots jerseys on the street to celebrate the victory last year.  Patriots would have 6 trophies if the team won the Super Bowl championship.

New England Patriots

Tom Brady, the core character in New England Patriots. People like to call him “Tom Terrific”. Once the team won a championship, Tom Brady jerseys were always popular among fans. In NFL history, Tom Brady jerseys sales list the top in 50 states, and no one can break the record. As a quarterback, he is not only a winner on the court, but also in his personal life. On one hand, he has been a legend in NFL history, on the other hand, his wife is a famous super model, Gisele Bundchen who is called as “the most expensive model”. Tom Brady has conquered everyone with a stunning reversal in the 51 st Super Bowl, which makes him become the fist NFL player to own five championships rings. On January 22, 2018, Brady again led the Patriots into the Super Bowl, and the team will dual with Philadelphia Eagles after several days. We all believe there will be a wonderful race. Undoubtedly, no matter which team can win the championship, the wholesale NFL jerseys sales around the 52 nd Super bowl court will set a high record.

Tom Brady Jersey

Tom Brady

Why New England Patriots always can show a shaking reversal at the crucial moment? The reason is inextricably linked with excellent athletes. Apart from Tom Brady, there are some heroes in the team, like Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola and so on. As the saying goes, “Ability is the best proof.” If one palyer can get more scores for his team in big events, he will be considered as a hero. Undoubtedly Danny Amendola is such a hero. In the late race, Patriots competed with Jaguars, and when Patriots laged behind the Jaguars 10 points, Brady worked with the wide receiver, Danny Amendola showing a shaking reversal, which helpd Patriots win the race. Amendola is such a brave player to come forward when Patriots is in danger. And Danny Amendola jerseys will gain popularity again among fans if he can help New England Patriots win the 52 nd Super Bowl.